Handicap Door Openers for Accessibility

Install Handicap Door Buttons for better accessibility to your building

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Horton Automatics of Ontario installs handicap automatic door openers in spaces where accessibility and convenience are key. Automatic door openers allow everyone uninhibited access to your building or business.

Horton Automatics offers dependable, tough openers that are the premium standard for handicap door openers. Their products are well-esteemed and can be found across the United States and Canada in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. 

Horton Automatics of Ontario is proud of its high-quality handicap door openers and believes our expertise will make your building accessible to anyone desiring entry.  After a quick, easy, and reliable installation, your building will be accessible to all people. 

Handicap Door Buttons

Horton Automatics features a wide selection of handicap accessible push plates and push buttons. These can be installed with consideration for aesthetics and functionality in mind.

We can integrate wired, wireless and touchless switches into your door opener for easy installation and convenience. 

Retrofit Your Manual Opening with A Handicap Commercial Door Opener

Horton Automatics of Ontario can use door operators that are capable of converting an existing manual swing door to an automated one. This allows your customers and clients the convenience of a fully automatic entryway without a complete doorway renovation.

Automatic door openers not only provide for improved accessibility but also help keep the people in your building safe by preventing germs from settling on surfaces such as door handles. Identifying germ hotspots and cleaning them thoroughly is a great way to prevent the spreading of germs. However, this takes a lot of time and effort. A great alternative is to replace mechanical door handles with automatic switches.

Installation Options for Handicap Door Openers

Automatic handicap door openers can be installed in many different applications, including:

  • One door
  • Double doors
  • Double egress doors (two doors that swing in opposite)
  • In-swinging doors
  • Out-swinging doors
  • Left-handed doors
  • Right-handed doors
  • Packages including door and frame 
  • Headers with bottom or side access

Operator Features of Horton Handicap Door Openers

Horton offers 4000 and 7000 series door operators that each provide benefits in unique applications. Both series feature:

  • The ability to adjust open and closing speed
  • The ability to adjust the timed delay closing feature
  • Push-N-Go activation
  • The SoftTouch reversal feature for safety
  • Technology that senses obstructions and slows door closure

The Horton 4000 series is designed for heavy-duty applications like entryways or high-traffic hallways. It can be installed as either a low energy (power-assisted door opening) or full-power operation. This allows Horton Automatics of Ontario the versatility to decide the best use of the Horton 4000 in your space. 

The Horton 7000 series is ideal for spaces less frequently occupied, like bathrooms or a small office. Horton Automatics of Ontario is able to determine the best handicap door opener for your setting.

Your Checklist for Preventative Maintenance On Your Automatic Doors

Take these simple measures to ensure that your commercial and industrial doors run smoothly year round and function consistently.

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