Secure Exit Lanes

Unmanned security exit systems prevent unauthorized access

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High security public spaces such as airports often have secure areas and need to prevent unauthorized traffic from the public space into that area.

The system creates a physical barrier and uses a number of sensors to prevent people from moving in the wrong direction and getting unauthorized access to the secure zone. This way the natural flow of traffic is maintained without the need for screening officers to be at the exit lane.The Horton Secure Exit Lane is a sophisticated solution for security exit control. It is an unmanned security exit system that makes sure that pedestrian traffic flows only in one direction: from the secure zone to the non-secure zone. 

The exit lane system monitors a number of potential threats. Apart from unauthorized access it also monitors for static objects in the exit lane. This prevents people from entering the and staying in the secure lane, or from leaving a bag or other object behind.

The security lane can operate in a number of modes, which can easily be selected by security personnel:

  • Free Flow: Entry and Exit security doors can be open simultaneously to provide optimal throughput.
  • Interlock: Only one security door is open at a time to provide enhanced security.
  • Locked: Both security doors are locked.
  • Open: Both security doors are held open for emergency ingress, egress, etc.
  • Cleaning: Entry security door is closed and locked. Exit security door is open.

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