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Business Relief Fund Supports Automatic Doors, Windows, and Hands-free Door Openers

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a serious impact on how businesses stay operational. With recent shutdowns and possible shutdowns in the future, businesses must follow safety protocol to protect themselves, their workers, and their customers. Reviewing important details about installing automatic doors, windows and hands-free openers shows businesses what products help them and how to fund the installations. 

Setting Up Curbside Pickup

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have devised strategies to get goods and products to consumers without increasing the risk for consumers and the company’s employees. With the increase in curbside pickup services, businesses have increased their earnings and stayed profitable without bringing customers into their shops, stores, and restaurants. Instead, the customers pick up their orders through a protective barrier. The service providers place the order through a sliding vault, and the customer opens the apparatus from the opposite side. This prevents germs and contaminated air from passing from one party to the next. The customer pays for their items online or through a credit card slot. Many businesses have made the switch to non-cash payments to reduce the spread of germs from the coronavirus. 

Financial Assistance for Installing New Fixtures

The business relief fund presents funding to the smaller business owners to set up proper barriers immediately. The funds cover automatic doors that open into a restricted area that allows the consumers to pick up their orders through secured panels that prevent immediate contact between the workers and their customers. 

Through the CARES Act, small businesses received funding and business loans to pay for the new installations to protect themselves and their workers from the spread of the virus. Smaller businesses required funding to set up new barriers and continue operating. Instead of allowing the public inside their businesses, they used the barriers to prevent direct contact. The automatic doors, windows, and hands-free door openers prevent the spread of coronavirus germs that could infect others and increase the rate of sickness. 

Doing Their Part to Keep Everyone Safer

With state-wide business shutdowns, many people have faced issues with getting the goods they need. As an alternative, businesses use the funding they received through the CARES Act to do their part to protect everyone and keep them safer. The design of the protective barriers prevents workers from coming into direct contact with individuals who are infected or have been exposed to the virus. Automatic doors allow customers to pick up orders completed online without coming in contact with workers. Workers who place the items into the automated slots wear masks and gloves to lower the risk of contact with the virus. Businesses that need to set up these new installations visit for more details about the products. 

Where to Get Automatic Doors

Horton Automatics of Ontario provides a variety of products that help small businesses stay operational throughout the pandemic. The service provider offers automatic doors, windows, and hands-free door openers that assist small businesses and allow them to continue serving their customers safely. As the world tries to contain and eliminate the rise in cases of COVID-19, the service provider plays an invaluable part in trying to help businesses offer goods to customers without health risks. Business owners learn more about the new installations by visiting now. 

Small business owners get the funding they need through the CARES Act to pay for vital installations for contactless services. In light of the recent pandemic, businesses have done their part to reduce the spread of the virus by installing doors and windows that protect their workers and customers. Learning more about the products helps small business owners choose installations for their properties and do their part to protect everyone.