Automatic Door Maintenance

Protect your investment and prevent expensive repairs with regular door maintenance

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Traffic in your building can come to a complete stop when a commercial door is not functioning. Protect your investment and keep the people in your building safe with automatic door maintenance by Horton Automatics of Ontario. 

As a building manager you’ll want to prolong the lifespan of your investment in commercial doors and avoid costly repairs. With professional preventative maintenance you can ensure that your commercial doors keep working well and keep the people in your building safe.

Quick and Thorough Automatic Door Maintenance

Our technicians are certified by the American Association of Automatic Doors Manufacturers (AAADM) and offer support and maintenance for all automatic doors installed in your building. From automatic sliding doors to swinging doors, from revolving doors to drive-thru window maintenance. Regardless of the brand, we take care of all. 

Whether you’re looking for basic maintenance or a more comprehensive solution, we’re sure one of our maintenance programs has what you need.

On-Demand Automatic Door Maintenance

Our standard service offering is available for all commercial and automatic doors. If you have a problem with your automatic door, then  simply contact us through our 289-203-2311 service number and a technician will be dispatched for your automatic door inspection and service. This option is good for business owners who are not looking into a long term agreement.

Emergency Service

Accidents can happen any time, even with the best possible maintenance. If you require an immediate service, we are available with 24/7 commercial door repair. Just call us at 289-203-2311 and we will handle the required repairs right away! We service all automatic door manufacturers.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Many of our customers choose to have a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreement for all commercial doors in their facility. Our AAADM certified technicians do regular preventative maintenance to make sure their commercial doors keep working smoothly. We ensure that maintenance is done at regular intervals, and we offer you discounts on labour and service. A particular advantage is that you get discounts on after-hours service calls. 

Automatic Door Maintenance Regulations

According to Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, building owners are responsible for keeping their automatic sliding doors, swinging doors and revolving doors in good working order. This includes the operation, efficiency, and usage of automatic doors to be maintained according to automatic door manufacturer’s specifications and standards.

Horton Automatics door maintenance contracts

Building managers can enlist the services of an AAADM certified technician for maintenance which is compliant with these laws and regulations. Some of the items that are included in a certified automated door maintenance checklist include:

  • Ensuring safe activation and operation of door sensors, mats, and holding beams
  • Assessing integrity and condition of door hardware
  • Removing any hazards around doorways
  • Inspecting fire prevention and protection systems
  • Confirming compliance with emergency escape routes

Routine Commercial Door Maintenance

A regular maintenance routine keeps your door operational and functioning safely. Here is what you can do to keep your doors working properly:

A daily safety check on your automatic door systems will reduce the risk of a malfunction. With a daily checkup you will notice if the door opens smoothly or gets more difficult to open, makes more noise or moves too fast or too slow, and stays open when it needs to. When a visual inspection shows that something is changing then it is time to call on Horton Automatics of Ontario!

Our clients receive a detailed maintenance plan based on their situation. Here are some of the routine maintenance activities we will typically include in the plan to keep automatic sliding doors, swing doors and revolving doors running smoothly:

Lubricate Moving Parts 

keeping moving parts such as hinges lubricated is key to keeping your doors working smoothly and preventing rust. Regularly lubricate all metal moving parts, but don’t lubricate plastic parts.

Visually Inspect Tracks

Check the tracks of sliding doors and make sure the door can run freely. 

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping around a swing door or revolving door forms a barrier for temperature difference. If you notice draft from the door even when it’s closed, then the weatherstripping will likely need to be replaced.

Lock Latch and Strike Alignment

Swing doors have a latch and strike which need to be well aligned so that your door forms a tight seal. 


The threshold under your swing door should remain tight so that the elements and rodents are kept out. When the threshold changes then it’s time to call a technician.

Your Checklist for Preventative Maintenance On Your Automatic Doors

Take these simple measures to ensure that your commercial and industrial doors run smoothly year round and function consistently.

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Commercial Door Products

We have the greatest product depth and breadth in the industry, with more types of openings than any competitor including innovative technical solutions for niche industries.

Our Commercial Door Services

Horton Automatics 24 hour Emergency Service

24-Hour Emergency Service

We have technicians on call 24/7 and will service your commercial door even after hours.

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Horton Automatics Service Repair

Automatic Door Repair

We service and repair most makes and models of automatic doors and drive thru windows.

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Horton Automatics preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Save 25% of the lifetime cost of your automatic doors with Preventative Maintenance.

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Horton Automatics commercial door installation

Commercial Door Installation

Commercial and pedestrian doors for new construction and retrofits, with Horton Automatics products.

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So, call us now for immediate service

In the meantime, download our whitepaper with tips for maintenance of your commercial door, or meet some of the clients we have helped to keep the doors in their building running smoothly so that people can easily and safely move in and out. You can stop being frustrated with the delays and high cost of door repairs and instead have complete peace of mind from predictable cost and smooth operation based on quality service performed quickly.

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What Our Clients Say

With 60 years of experience and the most skilled technicians in the industry, we have helped countless clients keep their commercial doors in shape.
Here are some client testimonials:

"We rely on them heavily based on how they’ve serviced us over the years."
Horton Automatics of Ontario
"If you need something last minute, they’re always there to help you out."
Horton Automatics of Ontario
"Due to different contract restraints we’ve sometimes had to use other manufacturers, but we keep coming back to them."
Horton Automatics of Ontario

Automatic Door Maintenance FAQs

  • Why is regular maintenance important for commercial automatic doors?

    Regular maintenance ensures the proper functioning and longevity of your commercial automatic doors. It helps identify and address potential issues before they turn into major problems, reduces the risk of door malfunctions, and enhances the safety and convenience for employees, customers, and visitors.
  • How often should commercial automatic doors be maintained?

    The frequency of maintenance depends on various factors such as door usage, and environmental conditions. Generally, it is advisable to schedule maintenance at least twice a year for thorough inspections and preventive maintenance. However, more frequent maintenance might be necessary for high-traffic areas or doors exposed to harsh weather conditions.
  • What are the benefits of professional maintenance services for commercial automatic doors?

    Professional maintenance services provide numerous benefits, including: - Early detection and resolution of potential door malfunctions. - Optimization of door performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. - Compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. - Enhanced door lifespan, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. - Improved energy efficiency by addressing issues like air leaks.
  • Can I perform maintenance on commercial automatic doors myself?

    While there are some basic maintenance tasks that can be performed by the facility staff, it is recommended to rely on our AAADM Certified, professional technicians for comprehensive maintenance. Our experienced teams possess the necessary expertise, certifications, tools, and knowledge to identify hidden issues, perform intricate repairs, and ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • How much does commercial automatic door maintenance cost?

    We offer three service contract plans with unique features to fit your needs and budget. Visit our Door Maintenance Contract section to learn more. Remember, investing in regular maintenance is cost-effective in the long run, as it helps prevent major issues and extends the lifespan of your doors.
  • What if my commercial automatic door experiences a sudden malfunction between scheduled maintenance visits?

    If your automatic door malfunctions unexpectedly, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Contact us immediately for emergency repair services. We have AAADM certified technicians that are available around the clock to provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure the safety and security of your building as well as your staff and visitors.
  • Do fire doors need maintenance?

    Yes, fire doors require regular maintenance to ensure their effectiveness in providing fire protection. Maintenance activities include inspections, lubrication, testing mechanisms, and replacing damaged components. Proper fire door maintenance helps ensure doors function as intended and comply with fire safety regulations.