Doors for Senior Living Facilities

Doors for Senior Living Facilities
For millions of senior citizens across the nation, nursing homes and assisted living facilities aren’t just buildings – they’re homes. Residents need and want their homes to be safe, comfortable, and accessible.

Doors for Senior Living Facilities – Solutions from Horton Automatics of Ontario:

  • Increase mobility and independence for residents
  • Maintain high level of security for visitors
  • Reduce health risks
  • Keep staff and employees operating efficiently and effectively
  • Decrease energy costs

Doors for Senior Living Facilities

automatic swing doorDurable, reliable automatic and manual doors for all areas in nursing homes and senior living facilities:

  • Main Entrances
  • Corridors
  • Patient Rooms
  • Activity/Recreational Areas
  • Common Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Secure Areas
  • Dining Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Executive Offices

For these rooms and areas in nursing homes and senior living facilities, Horton Automatics offer an array of durable and reliable automatic door systems:

Revolving Doors: Horton Grand® and MiniGrand® revolving door systems are ideally suited to the requirements of healthcare facilities. These doors can be customized to the right diameter and speed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

handicap door openerSliding Doors: Engineered to meet the challenging demands of nursing homes, which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Swing & Folding Doors: These systems provide ADA compliant handicap door openers and high-traffic automatic access.

Swing Door Operators: These can be installed at new construction or to upgrade an existing door. Folding doors are very versatile and provide a solution for very large openings as well as for narrow corridors that require wide openings in a narrow space.

Patient Room Door Systems: These systems allow the option to leave doors completely or partially open without the need to break out the doors. These doors are ideal for optimum space utilization.

Automatic doors are an appropriate and beneficial choice for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This technology serves both to enable and limit independence, depending on the circumstances that apply for each installation. For caregivers in facilities with elderly residents, automatic doors can be an extra tool to safeguard residents. For facilities looking to allow residents, visitors, and staff to move about more easily and quickly, automatic doors offer convenience and freedom for users, regardless of their physical limitations.

Horton Automatics of Ontario for Professional Automatic Door Service

Your senior living facility commercial doors are designed to last for many years. Any building manager wants to increase the lifespan of their investment and avoid major commercial door repair and costly replacements. Regular preventative maintenance will keep your employees and visitors safe and ensures that your automatic doors work efficiently.

Fast and Efficient Automatic Door Maintenance

At Horton Ontario we offer inspection and maintenance based on the recommendations and safety standards of the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) and adapted to your specific needs.

Our standard service offering is available for all commercial doors. Our AAADM certified technicians are trained to do maintenance and repairs on automatic doors of all major manufacturers.

Call us at 800.866.9523 and one of our service technicians will be dispatched
to your building with all tools and parts needed to do almost any repair.

24/7 Emergency Service and Repair

Sometimes accidents happen and cause a security risk or hinder the traffic in your building. If that happens, call our emergency automatic door repair service. Our service technicians are available 24/7 to make sure the safety and security of your building is restored as quickly as possible.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Many of our customers choose to get our technicians to come out regularly for preventative commercial door maintenance on their automatic doors. We prevent issues from happening and keep your doors working safely and efficiently. Another advantage of our maintenance contracts is the discount our clients receive on labor and service during normal business hours as well as for after-hours service calls.